Negative Underwear is a fresh and innovative take on lingerie founded by two best friends Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper. Disenchanted with their corporate careers, the duo launched Negative Underwear in 2014, following a realization that they could turn their shared passion for fashion into a fulfilling career.

They had noticed a gap in the market: women had to choose between functional, almost matronly underwear, and pieces that were designed more for others’ gaze rather than their own comfort. Determined to offer a better alternative, they ventured into the underwear business, resulting in a debut line so popular it garnered a year-long waitlist.

The name Negative Underwear represents the brand’s philosophy—taking away what’s unnecessary and focusing on the essentials. The brand emphasizes a less-is-more aesthetic, promoting negative space, the reduction of elements, and cutting the excess.

Their collection predominantly features neutral tones, reflecting their belief that everyday underwear should not be distractingly colorful. The palette includes black, white, peach, and more recently, a slate grey variant. Their ethos eschews outdated notions of lingerie being primarily for seduction and instead highlights comfort, feeling good, and being proud of what one is wearing.

Ahead, we reviewed some of the brand’s most popular styles to help our readers find out what’s actually worth spending money on. Continue scrolling to read the full review!

1. Sieve Brief

Negative Underwear Sieve Brief

With a low-rise fit, these briefs are great for ladies who like their underwear to be sexy but not too revealing.

They’re subtly sheer, with a honeycomb micro mesh design that’s fun to wear and easy on the eyes—and also comfortable enough for everyday wear. The cotton gusset lining makes them extra comfy.

However, the comfortable fit could be better if you’re looking for something that hugs your bum just right.

“They don’t pill. The threads don’t come loose. They breathe. And best of all… The quality of these is just awesome. 4 stars because I wish the butt had a little more coverage,” explained one tester.

2. Whipped Boy Short

Negative Underwear Whipped Boy Short

Negative’s Boy Short is a great choice for sleepwear. It’s lightweight and soft, with a luxe micro modal that feels like butter on your skin.

The drop-needle stitch creates a subtle, vertical stripe effect that makes these panties incredibly flattering. Meanwhile, the diagonal princess seam at the front and back helps to mold them to your shape, providing excellent coverage.

The boyshort has a good bit of stretch, so they’ll fit most people comfortably—but not everyone will be able to fit into their size range: XXS through XXL. They’re also pricey considering how thin the fabric is—you might find yourself struggling to justify spending $45 on something that feels more like cotton than silk.

3. Sieve Thong

Negative Underwear Sieve Thong

The low-rise thong is a classic, but there are some things to consider.

Having a semi-sheer mesh piece is a must-have for any wardrobe, and this underwear is no exception. The naturally smoothing Belgian micromesh is a great choice for those who want to feel comfortable in their undies.

Elsewhere, the thick waistband helps prevent piling and digging, so it’s a good bet if you’re looking for something that will last longer than your average pair of panties. The cotton gusset also helps make it breathable enough for everyday wear without sacrificing comfort.

The colors are all chic—you can choose between glacier blue, cherry red, or classic black—and they run true to size (though some say they stretch).

4. Whipped French Cut Brief

Negative Underwear Whipped French Cut Brief

French brief panties are one of the sexiest types of underwear you can wear, and these were made to stand out.

The high-thigh cut shows off your waistline, while the cheeky bum is just right for showing some skin without being too much. The faux fly grommet detail adds a little something special and makes them extra fun to wear.

For us, the luminescent Bay green tone is an interesting choice; it’s not too bright or too dark, but instead has a little bit of sparkle that makes it pop against your skin. Plus, its drop-needle stitch creates a vertical stripe effect that adds even more visual interest to this already pretty pair of panties.

Made from soft micro modal stretch fabric, these are super comfortable and flattering on all body types—no matter who you are or what your shape is like!

5. Glacé String Thong

Negative Underwear Glace String Thong

Negative’s Glacé String Thong is a little pricey for the fabric, but it’s worth every penny.

It’s got a barely there feel, with a glossy feel that feels like silk—it even has a sheen to it! The minimal cut is seamless under anything and won’t dig into your hips or butt like other brands do. Plus, its elastic waistband won’t dig and will hold your thong in place all day long.

This thong is perfect for those days when you just want to feel sexy and confident without any extra bulk or padding. The stretch nylon material allows it to be pulled high or pulled lower on your hips so you can wear it however suits your style best.

6. Whipped Boxer

Negative Underwear Whipped Boxer

The Whipped Boxer is the perfect boxer for lounging around the house on your off days.

It’s made from micro modal stretch fabric, which is soft and extremely comfortable. The boxer has a boyshort-meets-bikeshort style that’s designed to sit high on your waist, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all when you wear it.

If you’re looking for a boxer that’s going to keep you feeling comfortable while still giving you some sexy style—and if you don’t mind splurging—this just might be what you’ve been searching for!

7. Silky Thong

Negative Underwear Silky Thong

If you’re looking for the perfect thong, you’re in luck.

This low-rise thong is made of buttery smooth stretch nylon and has a cotton gusset lining that makes it comfy enough to wear every day. The high-quality materials and construction make this thong durable so you can wash it as often as you want without worrying about it falling apart.

The best part about this thong is that it’s so thin, you’ll forget that you’re wearing one! It’s so smooth that it feels like there’s nothing between your body and your jeans—but there really is!

According to reviews, “I’m not a huge thong fan in general but there are some outfits when you just need one, and for those I am so happy to have found the Negative thongs.”

8. Cotton Mini Boy Short (3 Pack)

Negative Underwear Cotton Mini Boy Short

I’ve always been a fan of boyshorts, but they can get a little boring.

So when I was introduced to Negative’s Cotton Mini Boyshort, I was so excited! These high-rise boyshorts hug your curves in the best of ways and work as underwear or as a lounge short.

They’re made out of cotton, so they’re breathable and comfortable—so much so that you might forget you’re wearing them at all! They also come in three colors: black, nude, and white.

9. Sieve Trim High Thong

Negative Underwear Sieve Trim High Thong

If you’re looking for a little variation in your underwear drawer, this is the pair for you.

The high-rise thong is made of micromesh with trim detail at the waist and is slightly sheer—so it’s perfect for wearing under low-rise jeans or crops. And if you want a bit more coverage, just wear them over your favorite pair of boyshorts.

It’s also great if you’re looking for something that’s similar to the label’s other styles but not exactly the same. This one’s got it all!

“t. Very comfortable, the high waist gives a bit of support and coverage for the tummy, while not being so high that you feel like a grandma,” explained one buyer. “And the thong is wide enough that it’s comfortable.”

10. Eyelet Lace French Cut Brief

Negative Underwear Eyelet Lace French Cut Brief

It’s time to put your lips where your legs are—and we’re not just talking about a pair of super-sexy high-leg briefs.

These briefs are the perfect replacement for lace because they’re made with stretch eyelet and have a cheeky bum cut that gives you all the coverage you need, but still leaves something to the imagination.

They’re available in white, black, and nude, so you can match them up with any outfit or mood. They’ll even make those boring days at work feel a little more exciting, because when you pull them on, they’ll make your legs look like they belong in a magazine spread!


What is Negative Underwear?

Negative Underwear is a women’s intimates brand founded by Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab in 2014. The name reflects the brand’s philosophy of eliminating unnecessary elements from underwear designs. Their goal is to create simple, minimalist pieces that are comfortable and functional, focusing on high-quality materials and a good fit.

Is Negative Underwear worth it?

Value can be subjective and highly dependent on individual preferences when it comes to comfort, style, fit, and budget. Advocates for the brand often highlight the comfort, quality, and minimalist aesthetic as the factors that make the higher price point worth it. The brand uses high-quality materials like Pima cotton and silky, lightweight microfiber in its products. Additionally, they emphasize well-constructed, unlined, and underwire-free designs that offer comfort and support without the bulk of extra padding and unnecessary details.

However, the minimalist designs and color palette may not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer more decorative and elaborate lingerie. The cost of Negative Underwear is also significantly higher than many mainstream lingerie brands, which might be a deciding factor for some people. As with any clothing brand, it’s worth considering your personal preferences and comfort, as well as your budget, when deciding whether it’s the right choice for you.

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