Ladies, we all know that underwear is a necessary part of our daily routine. It’s the very first thing we put on in the morning, and it sets the tone for our entire day. But let’s be honest, comfort versus style is a real dilemma we face when choosing our lingerie. And with high price points and low-quality options, it’s easy to feel like you have to compromise.

Enter String Decor, the lingerie brand that aims to solve this problem by providing seamless underwear that doesn’t sacrifice style or comfort. The brand understands that every woman has different needs and preferences, and that’s why they’ve created a line of seamless underwear that caters to everyone. It was born out of a need for affordable, high-quality, seamless underwear that truly makes you feel good.

As founder Katelyn shared in our interview, her inspiration came from her time working at Nordstrom’s lingerie, where she found that the seamless options were not within her price range. “I was always on the hunt for affordable seamless underwear that hit the same level of quality as the more expensive brands,” she explained.

“As an emerging brand, I put a massive amount of thought into the design and functionality of the pieces that I am creating. I have finally sourced the softest material imaginable and made it available at an affordable price,” she shared. If you’re new to the world of seamless underwear, we invite you to give it a try. We’re confident that once you experience the comfort and confidence that comes with wearing seamless, you’ll never want to go back to traditional underwear.

And for those of you who are already fans of seamless underwear, you know what to do. String Decor has designed thongs, briefs, and everything in between to cater to a wide variety of tastes. The company’s goal is to give women the confidence and satisfaction they deserve, so they constructed seamless underwear that you’ll want to wear every day.

It’s clear that the founder’s personal experience and commitment to creating high-quality, affordable, and ethically made products have been the driving force behind String Decor. And as women continue to seek out newer brands, it’s exciting to see a brand that is dedicated to making women feel good in their own skin. Luckily, we were able to get the inside scoop on the label’s latest launches, inspiration, and what the future holds.

String Decor Undies Interview

Going back to the beginning, what inspired the idea behind String Decor? And what was your initial aim for the brand?

String Decor was inspired during my time working at Nordstroms’ lingerie. Although we had a few seamless options, they were not in my price range. I was always on the hunt for affordable seamless underwear that hit the same level of quality as the more expensive brands. That is where the idea to create affordable, high-quality, seamless underwear (that truly makes you feel good) came from.

What do you want people to feel when they wear your creations, especially young women who are more and more starting to divest from intimates staples and more towards newer brands such as yours?

It is very exciting that women are more open to trying new brands. I always want them to truly feel good. That is our mission as a brand. When women are looking for no-nonsense, affordable, everyday wear, I want them to know that they can always count on us and the quality we provide. I want them to feel good about themselves in our underwear.

Talk to me about your own experience with underwear, what were some of your biggest complaints and through your brand, how do you sort of hope to fill the void?

My biggest complaint was that high-quality, flattering underwear wasn’t available at a reasonable price. The affordable pieces didn’t have functionality in mind, and the higher-priced pieces didn’t have the ultra-soft material that you would expect at that price point.

Affordability and ethically made products have been a big part of the brand since its inception. Why is that important to you?

As a consumer, I know what I am willing to pay. As someone who has worked in retail, I am also aware that a high price doesn’t correlate to high quality. As an emerging brand, I put a massive amount of thought into the design and functionality of the pieces that I am creating. I have finally sourced the softest material imaginable, and made it available at an affordable price.

The Flattering Thong has been seen on everyone from celebrities and influencers like Macy Mariano to Morgan Ketzner. What inspired you to create a seamless thong and how does seeing the support it’s received make you feel?

I truly adore the women that have supported the brand since the beginning. The content they produce and the professionalism that they embody exceed my expectations every single time. The original seamless thong was a g-string style, very much in line with the name of the brand. I enjoy creating different iterations of this style, and currently have another in the works that has a major upgrade in material.

After launching your debut intimates collection, you recently made a foray into boy shorts with The Booty Short—what can you tell us about this product?

This is my current favorite. I was inspired by the need of a full coverage option that didn’t ride up. Although I do love a brief and hipster option, they can bunch up the backside if made too narrow. The booty short completely combats this with the boy short cut. The ultra-light, buttery soft fabric for this piece is what sets it apart from other boy shorts.

Shifting the conversation slightly, has your brand struggled with online censorship given the nature of how social media platforms view intimates online? And what do you believe is the most limiting aspect of censorship?

Due to the nature of the product, there has definitely been difficulties determining how to properly display the intimates on social media. I think the most limiting aspect, when it comes to intimates as a whole, is that they tend to be assumed as too provocative, just based in the fact that they are undergarments. 

With that said, what do you think can be done regarding the underwear industry when it comes to creating a strong community and ultimately one that’s advertisement friendly?

I think the best thing that can happen, is that intimate brands are recognized for the products that they provide. Underwear is a necessity, and consumers should be aware of their options.

Bringing things to a close, what does the next chapter look like for String Decor?

The next chapter in regards to product has a heavy emphasis on softness. Think more everyday wear, in the softest material available. 

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